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Outdoor Special
Misc Refurbishing Service






Avangard Abattant Fliptop



Avangard Blanc

Avangard Fixed Aluminium

Avangard Fliptop Aluminium

Bergen Coffee

Bistro 3 Leg

Bistro 4 Leg

Breeze 3 Leg

Breeze Poseur 4 Leg

Breeze 4 Leg

Breeze Rectangular

Brew Bench Grey

Brew Poseur

Brew Aluminium

Clara 3 Leg

Clara 4 Leg

Clara Twin

Continental 3 Leg

Continental 4 Leg

Continental XL 4 Leg

Continental Poseur

Continental Rentangular

Inox Advance Round

Inox Advance Square

Inox Advance Rectangular

Java Ezicare

Joel 3 Leg Grey

Joel 3 Leg

Joel 4 Leg Grey

Joel 4 Leg

Joel with Inox top

Juliana Plus Fliptop


Leaf Fliptop

Leaf Java Fliptop


Maria 3 Leg

Maria 4 Leg

Maria Poseur

Maria Twin

Mezzi Teak 3 Leg

Maria Teak 4 Leg

Mezzi Teak Grey Rectangular

Monaco 4 Leg

Oriental 3 Leg

Oriental 4 Leg

Oriental Rectangular



Prima Rectangular

Prima Square


Robinia Wood Tops


Terrace Folding Rectangular

Terrace Folding Round

Terrace Folding Square

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